Service Rendered

Preliminary cost estimates and cost planning of refrigeration system which comprise:

  1. Transformers
  2. Power Control Panels
  3. Automatic Power Boards
  4. Power Factor Controls
  5. Design of Power Supply Equipments as per Customer Specifications.
  6. Installation of 25 Kw Wind Power Turbine.
  7. Installation of Surge Arrestors.
  8. Installation of Power Control Boards.
  9. Installation of Power Factors Equipments.
  10. Installation of Electrical Systems.
  11. Maintenance of Existing Systems
  12. Water Exploration, Water Drilling and General Construction
  13. Initiation of Planned Preventive Maintenance Program where there is none.
  14. Initiation and Introduction of Cost Cutting Measures on Power Consumption and Water.
  15. Installation of Generators.
  16. Maintenance and Servicing of Generators.
  17. Instrumentation.
  18. Automatic Power Controls Equipments.
  19. General Equipments and General Merchandise Supply
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