Dronesridge Enterprises Ltd. would normally provide the following after sales services to our clients.

Supply of spare parts for:

    1. Cold Rooms for Various Applications
    2. Transformers of various capacities
    3. Power Factor Control Units
    4. Air Conditioning Equipments
    5. Mechanical Ventilation Systems
    6. Process Coolers
    7. Power Control Board Units
    8. Freezer and Cheerers
    9. Compressed Air Systems
    10. Standby and Duty Generators
    11. Refrigerated Containers and Vehicles
    12. Kitchen and Laundry Equipments
    13. Instrumentation and diagnostic Equipments
    14. Automatic control systems
    15. Air Compressors
    16. Power Circuits and Other Electronics Circuits
  • Design and implementation of planned maintenance program on above mentioned areas unique to a particular client. As you know every client want value for money not only in respect of the capital cost but also in respect to future running and maintenance cost.
  • Carrying out of energy audits to establish cost saving areas with special reference to electricity, steam and water consumption. In most cases there is huge potential for energy saving.
  • Carrying out environmental audits to establish impact on environment due to emissions and cost for being environmental friendly without or by reducing the heat and gas emissions that contribute to global warming.
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